Atlantic Technological University, (Ireland) – Co-Ordinator

Atlantic Technological University (ATU) is one of the largest multi-campus universities on the island of Ireland, serving a diverse group of learners, staff, communities and organisations within the West/Northwest of Ireland and further afield. ATU offers a rich combination of academic and research excellence, quality of life and opportunity – all of which can be experienced in the most beautiful part of Ireland.

Atlantic TU has critical mass and academic depth to attract, educate, nurture and retain talent in the west, north-west and cross-border region. The university’s collaborative approach ensures that practice-orientated study is central to delivery, and its research activities seek to address the major challenges facing society and the world.

As a multi-campus technological university, ATU is dedicated to enabling sustainable economic, social and cultural development; connected to the region but with a mindset that reaches far beyond it.

As a TU of scale, quality and impact, the University will have greater capacity for collaboration with international partners and ATU graduates have excellent employment potential nationally and internationally.


Want To Start Or Grow A Food Business?


BIA Innovator Campus is your starting point to start or grow your business. Update your food industry knowledge, start or grow your food business or connect to our community of food entrepreneurs and the agencies that support them.



DomSpain is a Training and Education center active on a national and international level. It offers a variety of services to the public and private sector of Spain and actively participates in international schemes through a well-established network of partners abroad. DomSpain is engaged in the EU Pact for Skills. DomSpain develops educational programmes in four main directions:

  • Courses and workshops for adult learners, including foreign languages, ICT, cookery, and personal growth classes; cognitive stimulation activities for older learners.
  • VET: ICT, foreign languages, employability, work-based learning.
  • Trainings for educators focusing on improving foreign language competences, use of digital tools and new teaching methods, blended learning.
  • Curricular pedagogical support and extracurricular activities for school children and parents, including foreign languages, robotics, coding, and internet safety.


Instituto politécnico de Viana do Castelo

The Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC) is a recently founded institution (1980) located in the northwest of Portugal. IPVC is made up of 6 Schools (Technology and Management; Health; Education; Agrarian; Sports and Leisure; and Business), offering intermediate, undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. IPVC has as its mission, to create, manage and disseminate knowledge and culture, through processes of education/learning, research, transfer of technology and knowledge. To accomplish its mission, IPVC focuses on three fronts: firstly, the continuous efforts in providing quality education, secondly, participating in projects and building links with partners institutions at the national and international levels and thirdly, maintaining a close relationship with private and public regional entities. 



EURAKOM works across sectors with a diverse range of public authorities, private companies and organisations to accompany their projects and initiatives from concept to implementation but also by providing thematic expertise in the areas of tourism and hospitality.

EURAKOM has been instrumental to the development of sustainable regional tourism flagship projects such as Tropicalia, the world’s largest sustainable Greenhouse, or the successful bid for European Region of Gastronomy of Hauts-de-France in 2019/2020 and others. For large-scale projects and activities EURAKOM works with a cross sectoral bottom-up approach to maximise impact and ensure project uptake and success.

We are a passionate advocate for integrating sustainability into business processes and as a core element in education and employment. We are advising and mentoring businesses on sustainability, successful stakeholder engagement as well as sustainable communication with different audiences

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Višja strokovna šola za gostinstvo in turizem

Since its beginning, the college has been involved in international projects carried out within different project schemes (Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Erasmus+ and many others). Through this incentive, our students and lecturers can participate in educational programs in numerous European countries. We have built our reputation throughout our professional work and multiple recognition, awards, competitions and conferences. We do not shy from new partners and project opportunities on all levels.

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